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Standard Zip Code Store Locator Pricing:

0 - 5000 Outlets
5001+ Outlets
Please Contact us*

* We have several clients with as many as 90,000 retail locations throughout the USA and Canada


A Standard Zip Code Store Locator includes the following:

  • USA Location Support
    • Canadian support is available for $149 additional. Other countries are coming soon. Please contact us if you need other areas
  • Monthly or 12 data updates to be used any time through the year
    • We have several clients who update as often as weekly. Please contact us if you have specific update needs. A nominal fee may apply for more frequent updates.
  • Simple result page customizations including colors, fonts, and additional text
  • Additional result fields such as email, website, fax, contact person(s), hours of operation, etc.
  • New-Window results
    • Results will open in a new window (see demo). This allows the user to remain on your website while searching for locations. It also provides for a seamless integration into your existing website.
Additional features are available (contact us for pricing):
  • Multi-Product searching
    • Search parameters via radio buttons, drop-down menu, etc.
  • Multi-Product results
    • Display the specific products a location carries with images or text.
  • City, State, and Regional search
  • Customized results
    • Include graphics, links, and custom messages based on results.
  • Live Data Reporting
    • Date, zip code inputted, and city/state of zip code inputted are available in a password protected area on our website. Formats include a downloadable Excel compatible CSV file or HTML page display.
  • Mobile Handset or WAP access
    • Offer our search application on handheld devices such as cellular phones and PDA's.
  • XML result formatting
    • Use our store locator results with your own application or interface
  • Non-English language support
  • And MUCH MORE!


Additional charges may apply if you need other customizations or additional features.

Please contact us with any pricing questions.

Included with initial service order are a 1 year subscription of service and monthly data updates. Yearly subscription renewal for a standard store locator costs $299.


We accept payments by mail or credit card.

If you choose to purchase now with a credit card, please use the following link:



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